Amplifying your business through automation

We build intelligent applications for your business needs

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Quick & Fast Information Process

Make quick, radical decisions with real time data.

We develop systems that can be used anywhere at anytime as long as your online.

Real Time Update

Manage your business while your travelling. Monitor sales growth. No more hassle in inventory management.

Online Management

Still offline? We help you and your business go online. Having social profile online makes a big impact on your business growth.

Technology adaptation

Every business needs a good system process.

Rather than changing the way you do things, let us help you improve the things you are good at.

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          1 Amplicode "Inventory? E-commerce? Accounting?”
          2           "Real Estate Listing? Website?"
          3  {
          4    "Contact": {
          5      "Phone Num": "0955-874-2929",
          6      "Landline": "(02) 903 8960",
          7    }
          8    "DX": {
          9      "fullName": "Dhon Xean",
          10     "job_desc": "Web Developer",
          11    }
          12    "Vance": {
          13      "fullName": "Vance Bello",
          14      "job_desc": "Business Manager",
          15    }
          16  }
High Praise

“Amplicode is awesome. Accounting that used to take weeks, now only takes minutes and is available to everyone on my team.”

Vance & Lani Bello, founder of UltrAccount Bookkeeping Solutions

Inside the machine

It’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

Web Applications. We create systems that can cater your online needs.

Customized System Create automated process based on your business needs

Secure connections. Every single request is routed through HTTPS.

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